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Tamilnadu V/s Karnataka Sports-Karate League Match-2013: ASKI is going to conduct an Indian Sports Karate League Match, between "Tamilnadu" V/s "Karnataka Sports Karate Show Match" which will be held on 27th Jan 2013 Timing at: 10.30AM (Morning) at Ramani's Mayuri School Ground, Tamilnadu, India.To know more, please contact Mr. Thiyagu Nagaraj on his cell no. +09994941352.

Indian Sports Karate League (Men & Women) Results: Tamilnadu defeat Karnataka(Kata Category) & karnataka defeat Tamilnadu(Kumite Category) on 27th Jan.2013 at Tamilnadu.

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NEWS: 3rd National Non-Olympic Sports Karate/Full Contact Games-2014 would be held at : Tamil Nadu, Please contact for Registration, Contact National Secretary-ASKI-Sensei Thiyagu Nagaraj (09994941352) or National Vice-president-ASKI - Renshi Krishnamoorthy at : 09880406178
GREAT NEWS ASKI is the first National Body introduced Indian Sports-Karate League match between Tamilnadu Vs Karnataka. In Kata Category Tamilnadu defeated Karnataka Sports Karate Team, which was held in Tamilnadu, India on 27th January-2013 and In Kumite Category Karnataka defeated Tamilnadu, the score was 1:1 and Indian Sports Karate League trophy has been shared equally, ..

Welcome to Association of Sports Karate India-ASKI


Association of Sports Karate India-ASKI, is the National body of Sports Karate in India, was registered under the Societies Act 25 of 1975 and main aim of the association is to development of Sports Karate and Non-Olympic sports throughout India and to organize Non-Olympic Events such as Training camps, Conference, Seminars and tournaments in the National level. ASKI is also eagerly conduct social awareness programs with support of Indian Non-Olympic Association-INOA. ASKI and its members represent International, National, State, District level Championships as per the World Sports Karate Federation competitions rules and same standard has been maintained for refereeing and judging. ASKI is the national sports karate body which is recognized by the Indian Non-Olympic Association and affiliated with NYKS, Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports as well as Asian Sports Karate Federation and World Sports Karate Federation. The ASKI has been established in 2008 with two states (Utterpradesh and Tamilnadu), now it has expanded to 10 states.click here


ASKI Development Program Seminars in Tamilnadu


After the success of the Indian Sports Karate League-2013, Tamilnadu sports karate team has organized Sports-Karate Development Programme Seminars in Dr.SNS College of Technology, Tamilnadu on 24th Sep.2014, the ASKI Development Function has together with the All India Shorinji-Ryu Karate Federation has organised this mega event, in this mega event womens self defense program plays a major role as well as explained the sports karate importance to the public.


The ASKI seminars are organised in order to support and develop the organisation and the social awareness activities of our members and college students.


The ASKI seminar has created social awareness to the public especially to the womens and the seminar consists of a combination of theoretical lectures and practical training sessions.

IFF-Seminar in China

The seminar is built on the “Train the Trainer”-approach, including three different punches, blocks and kicks are trained by trainers.

These three different punches, blocks and kicks are all aiming to give additional self defense knowledge and self protection for womens

The seminar is directed to give insight in public issues for the persons and also Trainers has trained the Tamilnadu executive committee for planning to form social awareness programs quarterly basis. To know more, click here


Launch of Indian Sports Karate League


Association of Sports Karate India is the first national body has introduced the League match in India.

The 1st Indian Sports Karate League-2013 were played on the 27th of January 2013 in Tamilnadu, India organised by the Association of Sports Karate India under the agies of Indian Non-Olympic Association (INOA). For the start up of League match 2 state teams (Tamilnadu and Karnataka) has participated over 100 players and 25 officials participating in this mega league match.

In the Kata Category Tamilnadu won the league match and in the Kumite category Karnataka won the league match. In this League match women participation was remarkable and it is good sign for developments of Sports-Karate amongst women in the country. To know details results pictures, please click here


Sports-Karate gaining publicity in India
The Association of Sports Karate India announced that the 3rd National Non-Olympic Sports Karate/Full-Contact Games-2014 will be jointly organized by Indian Non-Olympic Association on the 29th and 30th of November 2014.

Great social awareness program is also one of the main aim of ASKI. if you want to participate in the social awareness program. Please contact us for further details about this social awareness program.
Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari

The National President-Association of Sports Karate India-ASKI Professor Mohd. Seraj Ansari and its governing body has worked hard and developed the Sports Karate very popular in many states of the country, even many martial arts players, officials are diversifying into Sports Karate, in view that the Sports Karate is very attractive and very simple competition rules with any other karate rules, it is very suitable for Referees, Judges, Trainers and players. The INOC is only the body who recognized the Karate game and take it as own game. (To know more click here).

  Thank you for your interest towards Association of Sports Karate India. We hope you can get the best help here for your information requirements about Sports karate in India and Sports Karate generally. However, if your needs are not satisfied with the information we are providing here, please don't hesitate to contact the Web Master. You can email him directly via this link: Webmaster.  


News: State Sports-Karate Unit (SSKU) Is Vacant Or Wants To Change (SSKU)? Interested should be dynamic and sports, martial arts, karate personality contact for the following vacant or wants to change these state sports-karate units; e-mail or call to National Secretary-ASKI at 09994941352. States are :- Tamilnadu; Karnataka; Kerala; Utterpradesh; Assam; etc.,.,
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