Benefits of ASKI membership

The ASKI has designed a new membership registration system for State and style, any individuals from martial arts, karate background are eligible to apply for ASKI memberships. All registered State Secretary are authorized to give recognization for District/Area affiliation. Note:ASKI will be authorized to conduct competition seminar and Referee A/B/C grade certification & Dan Grading. Style Directors are individual member of ASKI, they will be act as director member of ASKI.

Register yourself and become registered secretary! Other privileges include:

  • Participation in risk-managed Organized Sports Karate.
  • Non-Olympic Games particpation.
  • Membership Certificate.
  • Development program.
    • Instructor development program.
    • Student development program.
  • Free ASKI Dan Grading for all state secretary/style Director.
  • Opportunities to play in National/International Championships.
  • Opportunities to play Tournaments outside the country.
  • Becoming a Board Member
  • ASKI Certification will helps to get Government Scholarship for their students.


What does it cost to become a member of ASKI?

Registering yourself doesn't really cost much - only Rs 3000 - per year! (This amount is applicable for State and Style membership for developing the game in India!).

How to become ASKI registered Referees/Judges?

All Martial Arts/Karate masters above 1st Dan are eligible to apply to become ASKI Referees/Judges and eligible master should get approval letter from ASKI State Secretary or contact directly to the ASKI National Secretary:

Bank Account Details

Account Name: World Sports Karate Federation
Account Number:2408000150174619
Bank Name:Punjab National Bank
IFSC: PUNB0240800